Testimonial Category: Final

Ms. Aashika Jain

“Proud to witness IMPunjab’s role as a catalyst in enabling a future generation of entrepreneurs from Punjab. There is immense energy and vibrancy across their teams, and reflects at the IMPunjab Accelerator premise too!”

Tanvir Cheema

IMPunjab has been instrumental in crystallising my idea and thus creating a roadmap to build my business model further. It’s been an amazing journey, and I am excited about what lies ahead!

Abhay Singhal

IMPunjab has created a “launch pad for startups” and have a dedicated team to handhold early stage & growth stage startups.

Vishwanath MS

“My association with IMPunjab began with their flagship Accelerator Program, and I’m thrilled to witness the exceptional quality of the program as well as the startups with every cohort.”

Dr. Arvind Dhingra

IMPunjab has brought all the incubators in the reigon together and rejuvanted the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Dr. Naresh Sachdev

IMPunjab is working towards sensistizing and fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state.

Sukhman Singh

“it was a great honor for me to be a part of such an exciting event organised by IMPunjab at PCTE campus. I learnt about different aspects of entrepreneurship and business development. Another one of the positives was that I got the opportunity to meet and talk to other entrepreneurs as well as the jury …

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Mokshit Chohan

“Had the oppurunity to experience a very interactive session with the Representatives from IMPunjab. The session helped me build confidence in my idea and me believe i can execute it. It is a great platform to execute your Idea.”

Satyendra Singh

IMPunjab is actively nurturing startups as well as inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset across the state.

Simrat Kaur

The team at IMPunjab helped me get clarity on the viability & feasibility of my Idea while identifying the right audience.

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